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Dailymediatimes.com was formally launched in 01-01-2019 at 00:00:00 as Media Network set up Ludhiana, India. Initially, it was envisaged to be a Bi-lingual site with a focus on bureaucracy, governance and politics. However, considering its popularity and wide appeal and reach, it has grown out of its original mould to become an effective web medium that is recognized as an authentic source of crisp, hard and fast news of varied fields. Punjabi ( www.dailymediatimes.com ) version.

Along with the added wealth of information in dailymediatimes version 2 launched on Jan 01, 2019, the visuals and display have been given more importance. There are several new features that now form part of what’s on offer.

Amidst all these changes, our commitment remain the same: a reliable source of crisp, authentic, quick, hard and fast news and variety of info with focus on North India especially Punjab and NRI World.

The entire Daily Media Times House has been promoted by Punjab’s leading ‘thinking media’ network – conceived, owned and spearheaded by one of India’s most celebrated regional media figures,Karan Bedi with the cooperation of IT and Media professionals. Karan Bedi is credited with introducing journalism of ideas in Punjab’s fast emerging and powerful new-age media world, particularly the on-line and web genres. Backed by 35 years of experience at the highest levels of intellectual journalism in its print, electronic and web avatars,Karan Bedi is arguably the most familiar name in Punjab’s vernacular and NRI media fraternity. His column a TV show of the same name are familiar political, cultural and media landmarks among Punjabi’s all over the world.

Pioneer in promoting Innovative ideas of SMS News Alerts, Email News alerts and WhatsApp alerts adding Business Model also.


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