New born girl child born by LSCS outside CMC hospital

English Ludhiana

DMT : Ludhiana : (17 March 2023) : – On 25 February 2023, few hours old new born girl child born by LSCS outside hospital. Baby started having breathing difficulty after birth and was referred to Christian medical college and hospital. In CMC casualty on examination child was diagnosed to have trachea-esophageal fistula, it is rare condition in which food pipe is not formed and some part is connected to wind pipe. Child was put on ventilator support and was shifted to neonatal ICU. Child underwent emergency surgery to repair the defect by the team of doctors of Pediatric surgery which include Dr. Vishal Michael, Dr. Ishan and Dr. Sumit along with collaborative efforts by team of anesthesia headed by Dr. Melchisedec Singh. After surgery child was shifted to neonatal ICU kept under care of Dr. Gurmeet Choudhry. Gradually child was weaned off ventilator support and was breathing normally, started taking milk orally. Child was discharged from hospital 14 days after surgery in satisfactory condition. Hospital bill was paid by Rock foundation (NGO)
In CMC, Ludhiana department of Pediatric surgery have been managing such rare and other congenital defects from past 50 years along with the support of pediatric medicine having well equipped NICU and anesthetic team.

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