Dr Jernail S. Anand, an Alumnus of SCD Govt. College, Ludhiana to be honored for his creative writings at Association of Serbian Writers, Belgrade

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  • Dr Anand’s name will be engraved on the Poet’s Rock, placed in the heart of Serbia.

DMT : Ludhiana : (07 October 2023) : –

An Alumnus of SCD Govt. College, Ludhiana Dr. Jernail S. Anand, the doyen of the world literary scene and top-ranking figure of Indian literature, will be honored by the Association of Serbian Writers, Belgrade, with Charter of Morava, an International Award for Creativity.

Informing and sharing the invitation received by Dr Anand , a spokesman of Alumni Association of SCD Govt, College, Brij B Goyal said that Dr Anand’s name will be engraved on the Poet’s Rock, which is placed in the heart of Serbia. During Anand’s visit to Serbia he will be a Guest for the 60th Belgrade International Writers Meeting from 20-23 Oct 2023,an  annual event in the Serbian region. Earlier, India’s pride, Rabindra Nath Tagore was invited to the same event in 1926, after which he got the Nobel Prize.

Dr.Anand, who has authored 152  books, and has established the International Academy of Ethics, was earlier conferred the Honorary Membership of the Serbian Writers Association, Belgrade, which is a rare honor in itself. Besides this, Dr. Anand, has already won awards like Cross of Peace, Cross of Literature, Italy, World Icon of Peace, Nigeria, Art4 Life Award, USA, Nazi Naman Award, Lebanon and Franz Kafka Award, Ukraine. He is considered the greatest poet among philosophers and greatest philosopher among poets by icons of world literature like Dr. Maja Herman Sekulic, a Fulbright scholar from US-Serbia.

The current Principal Prof.Dr. Tanveer Likhari of Dr Anand’s Alma Mater has said that it has been a proud moment of the college and they look forward to inviting him for student interaction. Others those who congratulate Dr Anand are Alumni Prof. P K Sharm, Ms Harinder Kaur Brar IAS Rtd., O P Verma PSC Retd. And a former Principal Dr. Dharam Singh Sandhu. Dr Jernail S Ananad has already given 32 of his choicest books to the college library’s special Alumni Writers Shelves.

The honouring event of Dr Anand is expected to draw writers attention to the Serbian nation which continuously conducts a quality literary dialogue with world cultures as the country has already given to the world a  Nobel Laureate Mr. Ivo Andric in 1961.  Belgrade, which turns into the capital of world literature, will also see the presence of major guests attending this International Meet which are Tea Obreht from USA, Sirazidina Sajida from Uzbekistan, and Italian writer Dante Maffia. The meeting will be a rendezvous for an exchange with the Minister of Culture, Govt of Serbia and the City Mayor, including guests’ appearance on the national television there.

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